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The second public meeting proposed suggestions to increase the comfort of neighbouring areas

On Thursday 12 October, the second public meeting concerning the construction of the Trlicova Residence was held in the town hall of the Nový Jičín City Hall. The meeting was attended by representatives of the investor KS Residential Properties, representatives of the city and some residents of the apartment house situated at 10, Trlicova Street which is adjacent to the planned residential project.

The subject of the public meeting was to discuss proposals meant to increase the comfort of the inhabitants of the neighboring apartment house at 10, Trlicova Street and the use of the space behind the house. Among the proposals discussed, there were: construction of a public playground, parking places, installation of clothes dryers or outdoor seating with some newly planted trees which would help to make the site more attractive. One of the designs was also the creation of a herb garden behind the apartment building. See the visualization of a non-binding concept of possible adjustments that serves as a basis for further negotiations.

In the end of the meeting, the representatives of the investor and of the city responded to inquiries from interested citizens. "We are happy to meet proposals for the use of the area behind the 10, Trlicova street apartment block. We believe to be able to find a bilaterally acceptable compromise and we will agree on the final form of the solution at the next meeting, " says Silvia Szolnokyová, a representative of the KS Residential Properties company.

A non-binding concept of possible adjustments that serves as the basis for further negotiations.


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