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New progress in the Trlicova Residence developer project

The best possible solution to traffic conditions, improvement of public space and thus life in the locality of Trlicova Street in Nový Jičín and its neighbourhood. These are still the main interests of the investor of the project called Trlicova Residence. The unique apartment complex is to be built on a plot where an abandoned building which previously used to serve as a kindergarten has been deteriorating for a long time. The investor has already arranged property matters with the town, moving the construction of the new attractive housing near the Jičínka river forward. Moreover, KS Residential Properties prove that they are ready to react and become engaged in a dialogue concerning the objections of the town and the public.

Many of them were pronounced during the following public hearing on 27 February. About forty people, representatives of local authorities and the investor’s representatives gathered in the assembly hall in the town hall in Nový Jičín. The meeting with citizens concerned two issues. Firstly, the local inhabitants were afraid of the possible traffic burden. However, the study on transport that the town management had had prepared and which was introduced during the meeting absolutely excludes this concern. The other issue dealt with the study on public space, especially the locality behind the apartment building at the adjacent address of Trlicova 10. In this regard too, the investor’s approach remains very open.

The developer’s intention is undoubtedly to ensure comfort for the existing and new inhabitants. “The discussion was recorded and the objections were passed to the town council for discussion. Our company also offered solutions and presented them to the town management. The proposals consider the existing buildings as well as the planned construction of our residence. For those who are interested, we have prepared further specifications,” said the project manager Jan Večerek, who has joined the implementation team together with the project manager Pavel Losert. The respected architect Miroslav Pospíšil, winner of several architecture prizes, e.g. Building of the Year in the Olomouc Region 2016 in the category of Amenities Building and Public Space Adjustment, has also been a member since the very beginning.

The solution of property matters to the developer’s benefit was approved by the council of Nový Jičín some time ago. This important step has enabled the ambitious project to proceed to the next phase of implementation.

Thanks to the Trlicova Residence, two five-storey apartment buildings will come into existence after an interruption of new residential construction in Nový Jičín of many years. The real estate offers forty above-standard housing units with enough privacy and parking space cleverly incorporated below ground level. The environs of the apartment complex will be full of green vegetation. “The outcome of the Trlicova Residence project will be modern architecture respecting nature and the environment,” added Silvie Szolnokyová, the co-owner of KS Residential Properties.

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